L Pombo



Lúcia Pombo has been working for more than 20 years as researcher & lecturer at the University of Aveiro (UA), Portugal. Now she is the Coordinator of the "EduPARK" Project financed by FCT and FEDER under the Portugal 2020 call, with an Invited Scientist Grant. She is also a Member of the Coordinator Commission of the Research Centre “CIDTFF”. She started her academic training in Biology field – she holds a graduation in Biology (1995), a masters’ degree in Science of Coastal Zones (1998) and a Doctoral Degree in Biology (in 2005), with traineeships at the University of Hull (UK), about the fish diversity and production in the Ria de Aveiro lagoon. She completed a first post-doctoral project (2005-2008) on Evaluation in Education, with Science Teachers as a target group of research. In these academic degrees Lúcia has been obtaining research grants from FCT, revealing academic, curricular merit and distinction. In 2014, to rehinforce her expertise in the Education field, Lúcia Pombo decided to do her second Doctoral Degree, by her exclusive responsibility (e.g. with no supervisor) - a PhD in Education about evaluation in blended Learning contexts, in Higher Education. It was unanimously approved with distinction and honours. From 2008-2013, she was selected to the Ciência2007 application position financed by FCT, as Auxiliary Researcher for 5 years at the Laboratory of Digital Contents of the Research Centre “Didactics and Technology in Teacher Education” (CIDTFF) of the UA. During that period her research interest was mainly the integration of technologies in Science Education, and she lectured curricular units related to Biology at the Department of Education and Psychology (DEP) of UA. From June 2013 to Februray 2016, she has been an Invited Auxiliary Professor at that Department. Her knowledge and competences, both in the scientific domain (nature and ecology issues), and in education (namely in science education, technology enhanced learning, and evaluation), awards her a wide research background that allowed her to publish 2 Books and 31 Book chapters as author, 40 papers in international peer reviewed journals and 13 national peer reviewed journals (included in the ISI Web of Knowledge), 41 posters and 89 papers published in conference proceedings, 3 of which selected as the top 6 best papers, being invited to be published as book chapters edited by ISTE & John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and by Springer. She is a co-author of the name “U-TRACER” and she is the creator of the “EduPARK” trademark, with protection of intellectual property as author’s rights. The ORCID includes 134 publication works; in the Journal Citation Reports of Scopus, the total citations are 308, the h-index is 8; in the Researcher ID, the sum of times cited is 255, with an average of 18 citations per paper; in the Research Gate the RG Score is 20.08, the h-index is 12, 119 research items, 10.396 reads and 565 citations; the Scholar Google includes 126 research items, 943 citations and h-index 22. Her performance also includes activities as a lecturer, since 1996 at UA: ‘Nature Integrated Sciences I’ (also as coordinator), ‘Nature Integrated Sciences II’, ‘Projects of Educational Intervention’ and ‘Distance Education’ for the Doctoral Course, at the DEP of UA. She’s also been involved as Trainer in several Advanced Teachers Training and supervising Masters students (19 concluded and 3 ongoing); and PhD students (4 concluded, 5 ongoing). She has submitted several projects for financial support as principal investigator to ERC, FCT, CGF and the FCT/CAPES Program, and she has been actively participating in 21 projects, some of them (mentioning only the most relevant): i) as a coordinator, in the EduPARK project (2016/19), financed by FCT and FEDER under the Portugal 2020 (€198.509); as a consultant, in the AGIRE project (2014/15) financed by QREN (€86.319,61 for the UA). She has also been collaborating, since 2013, with the “Centro de Competências TIC/UA” under the SeguraNet project, as main speaker in conferences and workshops for schools about digital competences and safety in internet. Internationally, she has been: an Expert Member of Projects Evaluation panel of Fondo para la Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica of the “Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Innovación Productiva” (Buenos Aires); a Collaborator Member of the Research Group “Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisa Identidade e Formação Docente - GRIFO, Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil); Evaluator of PhD Projects under the International Consortium with Lithuanian Universities; Supervisor of masters students under the Protocol between ISCED (Angola) and UA.

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