Ali Abkar



Ali Abkar has got a PhD in Mathematics from Lund University, Sweden, in 2000. He has worked under supervision of professor H. Hedenmalm. His thesis was concerned with invariant subspaces of the Bergman space; a topic that bridges operator theory with function theory. In recent years, he turned to nonlinear functional analysis, and is currently guiding five PhD students in this field, of whom two have been graduated. Right now, Ali is professor of mathematics at IKIU, as well as, a member of the editorial board of Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. Ali is the winner of Young Mathematician Prize for the year 2003 from IPM (Tehran), as well as the winner of a Postdoctoral Fellowship for (2002) from ICTP (Trieste, Italy). Ali has served as Dean of Science Faculty at IKIU in the period 2009-2014.
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