Pedro Sousa



Pedro Sousa graduated in Systems and Informatics Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal, in 1995. He obtained a MSc Degree (1997) and a PhD Degree (2005), both in Computer Science, at the same University. In 1996, he joined the Computer Communications Group of the Department of Informatics at University of Minho, where he is an Assistant Professor and performs his research activities within the Algoritmi R&D Center (within the Computer Communications and Pervasive Media (CCPM) Group). His main research interests include Computer Networking Technologies and Protocols, TCP/IP, Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering, P2P, Mobility in IP networks, Next Generation Networks, Cloud Services and Software, Network and Services Optimization. The researcher is also currently involved in some multidisciplinary projects in the field of Intelligent Systems for Network Optimization. He participate in the TPC of several International Conferences and in Editorial Boards of International Journals, also being involved in reviewing activities in several International Conferences and International Journals in the research field of Computer Communications and Computer Networking. Also, the researcher was involved in the proposal of several R&D projects in the area of Computer Networks. He also has regular participation as jury/examiner in several BSc final graduation projects, MSc Thesis and PhD Thesis. The researcher has also supervising experience of several PhD, MSc, BSc final projects and research grants students. He has 75 publications in book chapters, journals and proceedings of international and national conferences, mainly of which indexed (ISI, Scopus, DBLP, ACM, etc.). He also received several awards/grants/distinctions, namely: Best Student Award at High School - Finalist student with the best overall performance (1990); Student Merit Scholarship at High School sponsored by the BPSM portuguese Bank (1991); Student Merit Award at University of Minho, Portugal (1993); Student Merit Award at University of Minho, Portugal (1994); Selected to represent the University of Minho/Department of Informatics at the Nineteenth ACM Annual International Collegiate Programming Contest (1995); MSc Scholarship/Grant (2 years scholarship) (1996)

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