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Remi Leandre

Keywords: Stochastic analysis.

Personal Information


Curriculum Vitae: Remi Leandre. 1957: Born in Belfort (France). 1978/1981: Student Ecole Normale Superieure Saint-Cloud. 1980: Agregation de Mathematiques. Rank: 5. 1982/1984: National service at the University of Monastir (Tunisia). 1984: These de Troisieme cycle. Directeur: J.M. Bismut. 1984/1988: assistant at the Universite de Besancon. 1987: Habilitation a diriger les recherches. Universite de Besancon. Di- recteur: J.M. Bismut. 1988: Bronze medal of C.N.R.S. 1988/1994: Charge de recherches Premiere classe C.N.R.S. Universite de Strasbourg. 1989: Rollo Davidson Prize. 1994/2004: Directeur de recherches Seconde Classe. C.N.R.S. Universite de Nancy. 1999-2013: Associate editor of "In nite dimensional analysis, quantum prob- ability and related topics". 2003: Editor of a special issue "Probability and geometry" of the Journal "In nite dimensional analysis, quantum probability and related topics". 2004/2011: Directeur de recherches Seconde Classe. Universite de Dijon. 2008-: Associate editor of the journal "Advances in mathematical physics". 2008: Editor with M. Demiralp, W. Mikhael, A. Cabarello, N. Abatzoglou, N. Tabrizi, M. Garcia-Planas, R. Choras of "Computational methods and ap- plied computing" (W.S.E.A.S. press). 2008: Editor with X. Dai, X. Ma, W. Zhang of "From probability to ge- ometry: a collection of papers dedicated to Jean-Michel Bismut for his sixtieth birthday". "Asterisque 327/328"(2009). 2008-: Associate editor of the journal "The open statistics and probability journal". 2009-: Associate editor of the journal "Symmetry". 2009-2013: Associate editor of the journal "International journal of comput- ers". 2011-:Editor with M. Demiralp, M. Tuba, L. Vladareanu, O. Martin, N. Mastorakis and G-R. Gillich of "European computing conference" (W.S.E.A.S. Press). 2011-:Associate editor of the journal "Axioms: Mathematical Logic and Mathematical Physics". 2011-:Directeur de recherches seconde classe Universite de Franche-Comte 2012-:Associate editor of the journal "International journal of physics and mathematical sciences". 2012-:Associate editor of the journal "Conference papers in mathematics". 2012-: Associate editor of the journal "International Journal of analysis". 2013-:Associate editor of the journal "Chinese journal of mathematics". 1 2013-: Associate editor of the journal "Balkan Society of Geometers Pro- ceedings". Organisator of various conferences: -)"Loops spaces" (Strasbourg 1994)with S. Paycha and T. Wuerzbacher. -)"Probability and geometry" (Nancy 1999). -)"In nite dimensional analysis" (C.I.R.M. 2001). -)I have organized a session "Analysis on path spaces" at the Satellite Con- ference of Stochastic Analysis of I.C.M. at Beijing (2002). -)"In nite dimensional analysis and path integrals" (C.I.R.M 2004) with C. De Witt-Morette. -)"Stochastic analysis and mathematical physics" (Dijon. 2006). Review papers: Applications quantitatives et geometriques du calcul de Malliavin.In "Stochas- tic analysis" (Paris. E.N.S) M. Metivier. S. Watanabe edit. 109-133. Lecture Notes 1322. 1988. English translation: In "Geometry of random motion" (Cor- nell). R. Durrett. M. Pinsky edit. 173-197. Contemporary Mathematics 73. 1988. Strange behaviour of the heat kernel on the diagonal. In "Stochastic pro- cesses, physics and geometry" (Ascona). A. Albeverio and al eds., 516{528. World Scienti c, 1991. With F.Russo: Density estimates for stochastic partial di erential equa- tions. In " Stochastic analysis".(Ascona) E. Bolthausen M. Dozzi F. Russo edit. Progress in Probability 36. (1995) 169-186. Cover of the brownian bridge and stochastic symplectic action. Reviews of Maths. Physics. 12. (2000), 91-137. Analysis over loop space and topology. Mathematical Notes. 72 (2002), 212-229. Malliavin Calculus for a general manifold. In "Seminaire X-EDP"Expose XXIV. J.M. Bony, J.Y. Chemin, J. Sjoestrand eds, 2003, (Electronic). The geometry of Brownian surfaces. Probability Surveys 3 (2006), 37-88. Paths integrals in non-commutative geometry. Encyclopedia of Mathemati- cal Physics. J.P. Francoise, G. Naber, S.T. Tsou eds . Elsevier (2006), 8-12 Applications of the Malliavin Calculus of Bismut type without probability. in "Simulation, modelling and optimization" (Lisboa) A.M. Madureira edit. CD 2006. Copy in WSEAS Transactions of Mathematics. 6. (2007), 1205-1211. Malliavin Calculus of Bismut type in semi-group theory. Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences. 30 (2008), 1-26. Deformation quantization in in nite dimensional analysis. "Festchrift in honour of H.v. Weizsaecker" (Kaiserslautern). M. Scheutzow and edit. Cam- bridge University Press (2009), 283-303. Stochastic analysis without probability: study of some basic tools. Journal of Pseudo-di erential operators and applications. 1 (2010), 389-400.