Penny Gordon-Larsen

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Penny Gordon-Larsen (2014-06-11)


For almost 20 years, my research group has been studying the linkages between biology, behavior and environment in the development of obesity and its consequences. Obesity is an inherently challenging topic as it has a diverse and complex etiology. However, it is precisely this complexity that makes obesity a very exciting area of research. My research aims to use trans-disciplinary, multilevel and pathway-based approaches to answer questions about the roles of biological, behavioral, and environmental factors that shape obesity and its consequences. I am particularly interested in age-specific exposures as well as the accumulation of exposures and how each bears influence on weight gain. In addition, my team is very interested in understanding the differential impacts of these influences across race/ethnicity and across diverse socioeconomic groups. In addition to informing efforts to prevent and treat obesity and its consequences, a major goal is to use our research to inform policy efforts and reduce race/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in obesity and obesity-related health consequences. I am currently the Vice President of The Obesity Society.

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