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N. Bundaleska (2014-07-20)

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NAME: Neli Danchova Bundaleska E:MAIL: [email protected] NATIONALITY: Bulgaria DATE OF BIRTH: 27.11.1973 FAMILY STATUS: married, with two daughters MAIDEN NAME: Parvanova EDUCATION Dates from 01.2002 to 05.2007: PhD student, at the Institute of Solid State Physics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria Graduation in 2007 (May), acquiring a PhD in physics PhD thesis: Polarization opto-galvanic spectroscopy of the hollow cathode discharge Dates from 09.1992 to 09.1998: Graduate studies at the University of Sofia, (dept. of Laser Physics and Quantum Electronics), Sofia, Bulgaria Graduation in 1998, acquiring a MSc degree in Laser Physics Diploma Thesis: Fluorescent detection of DNA by using some new dye markers INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE Dates: from 09.2009 up to date Institute for Plasma Research and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal Dates: from 08.2003 to 08.2004: European fellowship Marie Curie - Marie Curie Training, Dublin City University - National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology, Dublin, Ireland EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Dates from 09.2009 up to date Institute for Plasma Research and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) – postdoc position in the framework of Ciência 2008 Program, Portugal Dates from 01.2002 to 05.2007: Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – PhD student Dates from 11.2000 to 06.2001: “Monbat Trading” Ltd. as an office manager Dates from 01.1999 to 09.2000: Central Laboratory of Photographic Processes “Acad. J.Malinowski”, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as a physicist AWARDS “Evrika” award for young scientist for 2007, adjudged by Evrika foundation and Higher Attestation Commision FIELDS OF INTEREST Plasma-assisted Hydrogen production, Plasma reforming, Alcohol reforming, Plasma pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass, Bio-ethanol production, Biomass conversion and gasification, Waste and wastewaters treatment, Microwave plasmas, a surface-wave sustained microwave plasma, plasma diagnostic techniques, optical emission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, FT-IR spectroscopy, Laser physics, plasma physics, glow discharge and plasma discharge kinetics in different modifications of discharges, hollow cathode discharge, elementary processes in plasma, sputtering processes in plasma, atomic spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics, coherent effects in atomic physics, investigation of Hanle signals, preparation of vacuum deposited thin films; microstructure and related properties of vapour deposited amorphous thin films. WORKING SKILLS • Knowledge and experience in working with a surface-wave sustained microwave plasma • Experience in work with different plasma diagnostic techniques such as: Optical emission spectroscopy, Mass spectrometry FT-IR spectroscopy • Opto-galvanic spectroscopy, experience in opto-galvanic experiments – amplitude and dynamic; • Experience in work with different types of lasers (cw and pulse) and laser systems such as OPO; • Measuring, control, and adjusting the laser beam, its intensity and polarization; • Work with phase sensitive detection (for amplitide opto-galvanic measurements) and osciloscope (for dynamic opto-galvanic measurements), • Numerical simulations of ion-surface interactions, sputtering of cathode atoms; • Preparation and investigation of different vacuum deposited thin films by using vacuum vapour installation; • Photoluminiscence study of laser-induced phase transitions in thin films; LANGUAGES: English – good, Russian - good.
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