Manuel Ferreira Rebelo



PhD in Engineering and Industrial Management, with the Thesis entitled - " The Integration of Management Systems: Conception of a Model of Systematization and Flexibilization of Integration ". MSc in Integrated Management Systems; Post-Graduation in Integrated Management Systems QES ; Post-Graduation in Environmental Management; Post-Graduation in OH&S ; Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration in Commercial Engineering and Management; Post- Graduation in Quality Engineer and 5-years Degree, Electrotechnical Engineering. Member of the Engineering and Industrial Management Research and Development Center (CLEGI), Lusíada University. Main research work focuses in Integrated Management Systems (IMSs) and Sustainable Development (SD). Others research interests include: Total Quality Management (TQM); Integrated Risk Management (IRM); Cleaner Production (CP); Sustainability. Participation as speaker at various seminars, conferences and lectures. Author and co-author of several national and international publications - books, articles in Journals, chapters of books, and of encyclopedia. Collaboration as reviewer in international peer-reviewed scientific journals in the domains of research interests. More than 30 years of expertise, in national and multinational companies. With a wide range of management skills, always focused on rationalization, improving processes, and sustainable development. Distinguishes as relevant competences: rigor, systematization, balance between focus and flexibility, integration and leverage of different contributions, as well as the ability to act on anticipation, and effective management of initiatives under adverse situations. Strongly committed to Global Quality and its continuous improvement he is positioned on the best practices at the level of implementation, management, and certification of several standardized management systems and/or IMSs. Qualified trainer on topics of his competencies, and trainer of trainers on TQM, qualified auditor, and superior technician on OH&S. Member of the Portuguese Association of Engineers, and member of the Portuguese Association for Quality from which received the badge of silver after 25 years as effective member.

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