Rui Freitas



Graduated in Marine Biology and Fisheries at the University of Algarve (Portugal) in 2005 and obtained an M.Sc in Marine Resources and Coastal Management from the University of Cabo Verde in 2008. He is currently a Ph.D. student in the DO*MAR program of the Campus do Mar (initiated at 2012), University of Vigo in Spain and a full-time Professor at the University of Cabo Verde (, Faculty of Engineering and Sea Science and the Chair of the Zoological Society of Cabo Verde (SCVZ, The latter publishes the open access journal Zoologia Caboverdiana, which is the first and only peer-reviewed publication of Cabo Verde. R. Freitas’ Ph.D. research project focuses on gathering the baseline community structure, ecology, biodiversity and biogeography of the reef fish from Cabo Verde Islands. The thesis is titled “Littoral Ichthyofauna of Cabo Verde islands: Biogeographic analysis and Community structure”. In collaboration with the Cabo Verde Ocean Observatory, CVOO in Mindelo and National Fisheries Institute, INDP, he also undertakes initiatives research on fisheries and telemetric oceanography. His knowledge covers a wide spectrum of disciplines in marine sciences including marine biodiversity, ichthyology, coastal ecology and management, MPA studies - using GIS approaches as research focus. He has an aim of establishing natural history and palaeontology museum of Cabo Verde archipelago.

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