Graham Ball

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Bioinformatics, personalised medicine, systems biology, diagnostics

Graham Ball (2013-09-24)

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Prof Graham Ball is Professor of Bioinformatics at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and founder and Chief Technical Officer of Bioinformatics for CompanDX Ltd. He has been involved in the development and validation of bioinformatic algorithms using Artificial Neural Networks for biomarker discovery the last 18 years. After a PhD (UN funded) and a Post Doc modelling environmental interactions with ANNs at NTU, in 2000 he shifted the focus of his analysis to proteomic and genomic data searching for proteins and genes associated with cancer and other diseases. His current research interests are directed at the classification and characterisation of biological systems including diagnostic and classification modelling of microbial pathogens, cancer clinical pathology, allergic responses and viral diseases through the use of ANNs and other machine learning techniques.

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