Safa Motesharrei



Currently at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), Dr. Safa Motesharrei is a Systems Scientist whose focus is on the integration of the Human System into the Earth System Models. He has bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, master's degrees in Physics and Mathematics, and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics / Public Policy and Physics from UMD. Dr. Motesharrei's papers have been published in a wide range of prestigious journals, including Science, Nature Communications, Ecological Economics, National Science Review, Scientific Reports, and PLOS ONE, and several of his papers are among the most cited and most downloaded papers in their respective fields. Dr. Motesharrei's research has been covered by The Guardian, Reuters, Discover Magazine, NPR, BBC, LA Times, The Independent, New Scientist, IFL Science, and dozens of other newspapers. Dr. Motesharrei works with a cross-disciplinary team of distinguished scientists, including several members of the US National Academies. His collaborators include Eugenia Kalnay (Atmospheric Science, NAE), Yan Li (Forest Science), James Yorke (Mathematics), Jorge Rivas (Social Sciences and History), Matthias Ruth (Public Policy), Ghassem Asrar (Remote Sensing), Jelena Srebric (Building Sustainability), Antonio Busalacchi (Ocean Science, NAE), Takemasa Miyoshi (Data Assimilation), Mark Cane (Earth Science, NAS), Rita Colwell (Biology, NAS), Robert Cahalan (Space Physics), Ning Zeng (Carbon Dynamics), Victor Yakovenko (Econophysics), J. Shukla (Climate Science), Klaus Hubacek (Geography), Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm (Hydrology), Roald Sagdeev (Physics, NAS), and many others. Please find below their Perspective paper, Modeling Sustainability (2016, NSR). Dr. Motesharrei's latest research on climate impacts of wind and solar farms was published in September 7, 2018 issue of Science.

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