Zoran Markovic



• Zoran Markovic was born in 1967 in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated on School of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 1995 with average mark 8,7. Title of graduate thesis was Electrical characterization of thin metallic films. • Postgraduate studies on School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade,Serbia were finished in 1997. He studied physics of plasma and solid state. Title of thesis was Synthesis of fullenes by arc discharge. • PhD studies on School of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia were finished in 2002. Title of PhD dissertation was Kinetics of fullerene and metallofullerene formation in arc plasma reactor. • Major scientific interest of Zoran Markovic is exploitation of optical properties of carbon nanomaterials for nanomedical applications Zoran Markovic got funding from Program SASPRO – Mobility program of Slovak Academy of Sciences co-funded by Marry Currie Actions. • 2015-2018 Antibacterial graphene/polymer nanocomposite (http://www.saspro.sav.sk/FellowshipInfo?Oid=49ca978c-1ff2-4370-9985-9dc4fe11103b) Total number of citation is 2600 (https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=sr&user=Dxg-VZ8AAAAJ&view_op=list_works) Google Scholar database. • Zoran Markovic supervised four PhD thesis of Dr Zoran Nikolic , Dr Biljana Todorovic Markovic, Dr Duska Kleut and Dr Dragana Tosic on Belgrade University. Titles of thesis were : 1. Application of numerical methods in physical characterization of polycrystalline and biological systems , 2. Spectroscopic diagnostics of fullerene synthesis in arc and RF reactor, 3. Raman spectroscopy of highly defective carbon nanostructures and 4. Synthesis and characterization of graphene nanoribbons. • Zoran Markovic supervised seven master and graduate works on Belgrade University of Ana Vasic. Dragana Tosic, Dragan Panic, Dragan Zoric, Marija Bezbradica and Milica Budimir. Titles of master and graduate works were respectively 1. Synthesis, characterization and biological effects of fullerol, 2. AFM microscopy of multiwall carbon nanotubes and graphene 3. AFM microscopy of SWCNT and grapheme nanoribbon, 4. Modelling of SWCNT thin film packing and electrical resistance 5. Nanotechnology in medicine: status and perspective 6. AFM microscopy of graphene quantum dots and 7. AFM microscopy of microbes treated with metallic and carbon nanoparticles. Zoran Markovic was full professor of “Biophysical methods in nanomedicine” on postgraduate studies on School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University , Serbia in period 2010-2017. He is coauthor of patent submitted to Slovak patent office: Manufacture and products thereof of nanomaterials with antibacterial properties and their use in antibacterial treatment (PP50017-2017) . In the past three years he gave 4 invited lectures: • Graphene-based components and flexible electronic/sensing devices, Invited lecture- “Biomedical potential of carbon and graphene quantum dots”, Novi Sad, Serbia, March 14, 2017 • Bypos, Invited lecture “Biomedical application of carbon nanomaterials and graphene/polymer nanocomposites”, Zemplinska Sirava, Slovakia, June 12-16, 2017 • 69 meeting of Czech and Slovak chemical society, Invited lecture “Biomedical application of carbon quantum dots”, High Tatras, September 11-15, Slovakia, 2017 • 70 meeting of Czech and Slovak chemical society, Invited lecture “Antibacterial and Photocatalytic properties of polyurethane doped with carbon quantum dots ”, Zlin, September 9-12, Czech Republic, 2018.

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