Ravil A. Tulumbaev



The proposed technology of bio- composite material - biopolymineral - include chemical , physical and biological aspects of the use of biopolymers and minerals. A composite material revealed the presence of particles in the size 190 - 30 nm. Measurements on the surface of the article and the experimental points biopolymineral in the liquid state showed 0.4mA and 0.1V. Under the influence of humidity environment on the micro- nano porous structure biopolymineral, generated fractal mesh electrolytic system . Cascade electrochemical reactions adversely affect the functioning of membrane ion channels , transport proteins and cell processes in living organisms, thereby providing the bactericidal effect of the material. Funktsionallnoe effect similar functional composite action of the porous membrane and reverse osmosis can be represented as a fractal micro / nano filtration system as a source of current.

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