Hooman Derakhshani

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Hooman Derakhshani (2015-06-17)

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Growing up in our family dairy farm, I became passionate about these lovely animals and therefore continued my studies in the field of veterinary. I received my DVM degree from the University of Tehran, Iran (2005) which was followed by several years of clinical practice around my hometown. In 2011, I decided to continue my studies and obtained my MSc in Animal Science from The University of Queensland, Australia. At the moment, I am a PhD candidate at Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba, Canada. My research interests focus on the host-microbiome interactions and the critical role that this secondary genome (microbiome) plays in modifying host physiology and metabolism. My PhD project focuses on "Cross-sectional and temporal dynamics of mammary gland microbiome and its association with udder health in dairy cattle". I am also in charge of the sequencing platform of the Gut Microbiome and Large Animal Biosecurity Laboratories at University of Manitoba, and therefore have extensive experience in bioinformatics and statistical analyses of large sequencing data. For the last few years, I have been involved in multiple microbiome projects in ruminants, monogastrics and humans. So far, I have contributed to six peer-reviewed publications, over 15 publications presented at international conferences in North America and Europe, and two extension articles published in Canadian journals.

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