S. P. Collin



Professor Shaun P. Collin is a WA Premiers Research Fellow and Winthrop Professor at The University of Western Australia. He heads a large Neuroecology Group that investigates the neural basis of behaviour in both invertebrates and vertebrates, with special emphasis on sensory systems and vision. Before joining UWA from The University of Queensland, where he was a Professor within the School of Biomedical Sciences for 10 years, he spent appreciable periods of time in Canada, the United States, Germany and Australia on a range of prestigious Research Fellowships (ARC QEII, Fulbright, Alexander von Humboldt, Grass). Using a range of cutting edge techniques, his Group investigates the impacts of light on biodiversity, sustainability and health in a large diversity of animals, including humans. Prof. Collin has published over 250 scientific papers, including 11 books, and sits on the Editorial Boards of 5 international journals. He has previously sat on the College of Experts Panel for the ARC and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Technology and Industry Advisory Council of the WA State Government.

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