Qi Chen



After I got my M.D. at Chongqing Medical University, I began my research with a project studying mouse embryo implantation with Dr. Enkui Duan at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I grown an interest in the molecular & biomechanical mechanisms to control intrauterine embryo localization and embryo orientation. After a twisted and exciting journey of discovery, I ended up to study water channels (aquaporins, AQPs) in reproductive system, discovering AQP3's role in sperm osmoadaptation, which turned out to be my Ph.D thesis. After the experience of working on sperm, I moved on to study small RNAs in sperm, and serendipitously found a novel class of tRNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs), also known as tRFs (tRNA fragments) that are highly enriched in mature sperm. The function of sperm tsRNAs as paternal epigenetic information carrier and related regulation mechanisms, such as those regulated by RNA modifications and related enzymes are the focuses of my current research. I also developed a keen interest on the origin (molecular and cellular) of early mammalian embryo symmetry-breaking before blastocyst formation, for which we are now utilizing the power of single-cell technology and mathematical modeling to study with.

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