Mandy Ewen

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United Arab Emirates
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Educational Psychologist,

Mandy Ewen (2013-09-12)

Zayed University Assistant Professor

Mandy Ewen (2013-09-12)


A practicing Educational Psychologist in the UK for over 25 years, I moved from my post of 11 years as Senior Educational Psychologist in Renfrewshire, Scotland to the U.A.E. in September, 2011. Since then, I have developed my expertise and experience in two complementary directions, by working both as an Assistant Professor at Zayed University’s College of Education, where I am a member of the Education Studies Team and have taught ‘Classroom Management’, ‘Teaching Students with Special Needs’, ‘Education Studies II’ as well as supervising the second practicum of trainee teachers soon to join the U.A.E’s educational taskforce, and by setting up Sustain Consulting FZE, providing independent consulting services to parents, schools and others regarding the management of children with Additional Support Needs/Special Needs within learning contexts.
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