Jonathan L. Vigh



Dr. Jonathan Vigh's main research interests include hurricanes and tropical meteorology, model evaluation, and climate data informatics. For his PhD dissertation research, Dr. Vigh studied the problem of eye formation in hurricanes and other geophysical vortices to learn how the eye/eyewall structure impacts the subsequent intensification of the storm. Dr. Vigh has recently developed several new aircraft-based data sets to further investigate structure and intensity changes in tropical cyclones, with a particular focus on the radius of maximum winds. He is using these datasets to construct a new historical database of tropical cyclone parameters optimized for wind risk modeling. Dr. Vigh is also the lead developer for the Climate Risk Management engine (CRMe) and the Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project (TCGP). Current research seeks to understand the role of climate change on tropical cyclones and how this will affect wind hazard in various parts of the world. Other collaborative research seeks to understand the factors that control the maximum possible intensification rate of a tropical cyclone. Past work investigated prediction of tropical cyclone track using ensemble methods.

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