Reza Taherkhani



Reza Taherkhani, Ph.D Virologist Reza Taherkhani is an assistant professor at Medical Faculty of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences. He joined the faculty in 2014. In addition to his teaching position, Taherkhani served as a researcher at Persian Gulf Tropical Medicine Research Center. Reza Taherkhani’s main area of research is DNA vaccine development against hepatitis E virus. He is also expert in recombinant protein expression and Purification, gene cloning & sub-cloning, PCR & RT-PCR, cell culture technique, ELISA kit setting up, Elispot and cytokine assay, MTT cell proliferation assay, virus isolation by SPF eggs, as well as bioinformatics software (Vector NTI, Mega4, Gene designer, Primer Designing, Primer3, Olygo, CloneWin, CLC Sequence viewer, …). He is also interested in molecular studies of oncoviruses. Aside from being a lecturer and researcher, Reza Taherkhani is also an author. Reza Taherkhani was born and raised in Tehran, capital of Iran. He obtained his Bachelor of Laboratory Science in Urmia University in 2003, M.Sc. in Medical Virology in 2006 from Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, and Ph.D. in Medical Virology in 2014 from Ahvaz Jondishpoor University of Medical Sciences. Upon completion of his Ph.D degree, he went straight to Bushehr University of Medical Sciences to practice his degree there.

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