Benoît Seignovert



Hi, I’m currently a Sciences Research Ingeneer at the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics of Nantes, where I building a web-portal to access the Cassini/VIMS data. I just finished my PhD last September in the Molecular and Atmospheric Spectrometry Group (GSMA) at the University of Reims (FR) working with the ISS images of Titan taken by Cassini. I mainly develop radiative transfer models to analyse on Titan’s upper atmosphere and espacially the detached haze layers observed at high altitude. I also work with the VIMS and RADAR instruments on geo-signature of the lakes, evaropites, dunes and yardangs observed on Titan’s surface. In the past I also spent quite some time in the lab to make analysis on carbon condrites and iron meteorites.

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