Charlotte Lindgren



The title of Charlotte Lindgrens dissertation is "Regarde, maman: le soleil se leva": emploi des temps du passé dans des récits d'enfants francophones en Suède. For her dissertation she examined the way that French-speaking children, six years of age, use children's literature along with adult help to use the various forms of the past tense in French. Beginning in 2006 she has been collaborating with Carina Andersson (now Gossas) on the translation of modern Swedish children's books into French. She has presented her research at several national and international conferences. She presented in Uppsala (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012), Stockholm (2008), Paris (2006), Antwerp (2006), Innsbruck (2007), Lund (2010), Falun (2012) London (2012). Together with her collaborator Carina Gossas she received combined travel and research grants from the Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation, the Birgit and Gad Rausing Foundation and the Åke Wiberg Foundation. Charlotte Lindgren individually received travel grants from the Birgit and Gad Rausing Foundation and from Helge Ax: son Johnson. She has also received research funding as part of the KIG (Culture, Identity and Representation) program at Dalarna University.

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