Shane Gero

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Behavioural Ecology, Sociobiology, Bioacoustics, Cetaceans, Sperm Whale

Shane Gero (2014-04-12)

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ResearcherID: G-8675-2015

ResearcherID (2015-06-26)


As a behavioural ecologist, Shane Gero's research is motivated by a fundamental desire to understand animal societies and integrates ecology, acoustics, and network theory to study how individuality, social structure and cultural processes affect an individual’s behavioral phenotype. In particular, his recent work has focused on the co-evolutionary drivers of acoustic complexity and social behavior among cetaceans. For over a decade, Shane has lead research on The Dominica Sperm Whale Project, along with a team of co-investigators from four internationally recognized universities. The experiences gained through his academic trajectory; from my graduate work at Dalhousie University with Dr. Hal Whitehead, to his fellowships at the University of St. Andrews and in the Marine Bioacoustics Lab at Aarhus University; have granted Shane the skills and drive learned from leaders in their fields.

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