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Maria do Sameiro Carvalho was born in 1961 in Braga, Portugal. She graduated in Computer and Systems Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal. She holds an MSc degree in Transportation Planning and Engineering and a PhD degree in Transportation Planning from the University of Leeds, UK. Associate professor with tenure at the Departamento de Produção e Sistemas of the Escola de Engenharia, Universidade do Minho, from 2004 until the present. She is a member of the ALGORITMI research Centre and integrates the Industrial and Engineering (IEM) research group. Additionlly she is Assistant Director of the ALGORITMI Research Centre and Coordinator of the reserach SLoTS - Supply chain, Logistics and Transportation Systems. She is member of the Director Board of the Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering and of the PhD program AESI - Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry (AESI) promoted by the University of Minho in cooperation with Bosch. Her main research interests are in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The teaching and research interests fall in the areas of techniques and applications of Operations Research, transportation, logistics and supply chain management. It is in these areas that have been responsible or co-responsible for several R&D projects both with industry and Services companies and has co-authored or authored several papers published in international conferences and journals. It is responsible for teaching courses in the areas of logistics and Supply Chain Management in various undergraduate and master's degree courses from the University of Minho, having supervised a large number of MSc dissertations and doctoral theses. She reviewed more than twenty papers for scientific journals and conference proceedings.

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