Gregory E Rice

Oncology, Pregnancy, Reproductive Biology, Translational Reserach


Prof Rice is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, a Deputy Director of University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) and Director of the National Centre for Health Innovation Limited. He has broad-based experience in biotechnology (both private and public), academic research and not-for-profit organisations. He is a co-founder of the Centre for Clinical Diagnostics at UQCCR, a centre established to develop, evaluate and deliver In Vitro Diagnostics within a NATA accredited research and development environment (ISO17025, ISO13485). The Centre delivers regulatory ready data to achieve higher R&D efficiencies, return on investment, and reduced product time-to-market. Prof Rice was a co-founded of private diagnostic development company HealthLinx (2003), and served as an Executive Director and Chairman on the ASX company. Prof Rice also served as a member of Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committees of ASX-listed companies and is currently a member of the Technical and Regulatory Standing Committee of IVD Australia. Within the University and the public hospital sectors, Prof Rice has extensive experience in basic and clinical research and has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He has co-founded hospital-based, clinical research centres in both oncology and perinatology. Within the not-for-profit sector, he has established public companies and as a founding director of these companies, implemented marketing and fundraising programs to fund and develop medical research programs. Dr Rice is a graduate of the University of Western Australia and completed postdoctoral training at the Department of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas and Department of Physiology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Graduate Diploma in Management and a Master of Health Administration at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne. He has held continuous appointment within the NHMRC Career Awards Program for over 25 years.
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