Mari-Lynn Drainoni



Mari-Lynn Drainoni, M.Ed., Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Boston University School of Public Health; Associate Professor in the Section of Infectious Diseases in the School of Medicine in the Boston University School of Medicine; and a Research Health Scientist at the Center for Health Quality, Outcomes, and Economic Research at the Edith Norse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital. Dr. Drainoni's areas of expertise include the conduct of program evaluation and implementation research, and qualitative research methods. Her specific studies have focused on vlunerable and under-served populations, with a special focus on persons with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, substance abuse and mental illness, individuals with dual and triple diagnoses, and persons with physical and cognitive disabilities. She also has a strong background in managed care and in developing and implementing systems of care for complex populations. Dr. Drainoni has conducted numerous studies to evaluate demonstration programs for at-risk populations, several qualitative projects, and several mixed methods studies that include both surveys involving primary data collection and qualitative data collection and analysis. Some her recent and current studies include: 1) serving as site PI on a NIDA-funded study designed to assess the effectiveness of models of engaging HIV-infected substance users to medical care and substance abuse treatment; 2) serving as Co-PI on a NIMH/CDC-funded study of a comprehensive multi-component intervention for high-risk HIV-infected patients designed to help them adhere to care and treatment and to decrease sexual and drug use risk behaviors 3) serving as Co-PI on a CDC/HRSA-funded study examining the effectiveness of a patient navigator intervention to assist at-risk HIV-infected individuals to keep their primary care appointments; 4) serving as PI on a CDC/AHRQ-funded multi-site evaluation to improve hepatitis C screening and testing in partnership with three large community-based PCP clinics serving patients at high risk for HCV infection; 5) serving as Co-PI on a mixed methods study to examine reasons for high rates of patient refusal for HIV testing in the Emergency and Urgent Care departments in a large urban hospital; 6) serving as Evaluator on a the CDC-funded WILLOW intervention, a group-level intervention for women living with HIV that enhances awareness of HIV transmission risk behaviors, discredits myths regarding HIV prevention, teaches communication skills for negotiating safer sex, and reinforces benefits of consistent condom use; 7) serving as Co-PI on a study examining how health reform has impacted both location and quality of care for sexually transmitted infections in Massachusetts; 8) serving as Evaluator on a SAMHSA-funded study examining a model to integrate and co-locate subtance abuse treatment and primary care; 9) serving as PI on a NIDRR-funded large study of access and barriers to care among persons with disabilities that included two samples of over 1,100 total people with disabilities and over 400 care providers; 10) serving as PI on a national HRSA Center to develop guidelines for programs serving HIV-infected substance users and develop and pilot-test a national HIV and substance use training curriculum; 11) serving as Co-Investigator on an AHRQ-funded study focused on health literacy and informed consent, including using multiple methods to test and validate AHRQ's Informed Consent and Authorization Toolkit designed to help researchers and IRBs to meet informed consent and HIPAA requirements; 12) serving as Lead Evaluator and Co-Investigator on two HRSA-funded demonstration interventions to reduce risk behaviors and change attitudes in related to prevention of HIV tranmission among persons living with HIV; 13) serving as PI on an evaluation of seven specialized mental health programs for individuals living with HIV/AIDS funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health; and 13) serving as Evaluator of a HRSA-funded intensive case management intervention for high-risk HIV-infected persons being released from incarceration.

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