Carla Braitenberg

Country: Italy

Keywords: Potential fields, geodynamics for satellite, crustal deformations, tiltmeters

University of Trieste

With a Physics Vordiplom of the University of Tübingen, CB accomplished the Physics degree with summa cum laude in Physics with a thesis entitled "Geophysical effects in the gravitational waves antenna: the GEOGRAV Experiment" and the PhD in Geophysics with a thesis entitled "Time-spatial variations of some physical parameters in the seismic Friuli area (Italy)", both at the University of Trieste. CB presently is tenure researcher and Aggregate professor at the Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences of the University of Trieste. CB speaks and writes fluently in Italian, German and English. She has worked on the interpretation of strain- and tiltmeter observations, in particular in the observation of earth tides parameters and in the hydrologic induced deformations and their relation to the local seismicity. Later she has intensively studied the structure of the crust and lithosphere using the interpretation or inversion of the magnetotelluric and gravity field.
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