Marius Vasile Costache



Dr. Marius V. Costache obtained his Ph.D. in experimental physics at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in 2007 supervised by Prof. B.J. van Wees. After Ph.D. he moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to focus on superconducting electronics with Prof. J.S. Moodera, a world-renowned leader in electron tunneling spectroscopy. While postdoctoral scholar at MIT, he started collaborating with Prof. Valenzuela and in 2009, he joined his new research group at the ICN2 in Barcelona. Since then, Dr. Costache has been involved with the practicalities of setting up a new laboratory, envisioning, developing and executing new research lines, and mentoring Ph.D. students and postdocs in our young but highly successful group. His main achievements are within the realm of magnetization dynamics and spintronics. They include the first report of spin pumping from a ferromagnet into a normal metal (PRL 2006) and the isolation of the magnon drag effect using an ingenious device design (Nature Materials 2012). He has also reported the implementation of a spin ratchet in a single-electron transistor (Science 2010) and was part of the team that discovered the magnetization switching of a ferromagnet following the application of an in-plane current in the presence of spin-orbit interaction (Nature 2011). He was awarded the 2015 IUPAP Young Scientist Medals in the field of Magnetism and 2016 Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) certificate. Currently, Dr. Costache is working on a variety of topics involving magnetization dynamics, graphene, topological insulators and quantum magnonics. Presently, he co-supervises two PhD students and two postdocs.

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