Daniel L Oberski



I am an associate professor at the department of Methodology and Statistics of Utrecht University in The Netherlands, currently working on my VENI project from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), "Developing latent variable techniques that open up a treasure trove for social science" [grant 451-14-017]. My research focuses on the problem of measurement in the social sciences. To draw accurate substantive conclusions, social scientists need to measure human behavior and opinions reliably and validly. Where this ideal is unattainable, the extent of the problem should be known so it can be accounted for in the substantive analysis. * 2014 AAPOR Warren J. Mitofsky award winner * 2013 ESRA Early Career Researcher award for "Evaluating Sensitivity of Parameters of Interest to Measurement Invariance in Latent Variable Models" * 2011 Co-writer: European Social Survey DACE grant from the European Commissions FP7 program.

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