Nico Reski



Hej, I am Nico. I am a doctoral student in Computer and Information Science at Linnaeus University (LNU), Växjö, Sweden, where I also worked as a research assistant in the Department of Media Technology and completed my master degree in Social Media and Web Technologies. My doctoral studies are focused around interaction and interface design for virtual and augmented reality environments, which I am researching on in the VRxAR Labs research group. Furthermore, I am involved in various teaching and supervision activities as well as hosting a semi-regular media technology meet-up called Open Lab Hours. I am also interested in the creative application of software using tools such as openFrameworks, Processing, p5.js, and Unity3D. Prior to moving to Sweden I studied International Media and Computing at University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin in Germany. Besides 3D user interface design for virtual and augmented reality, I am particularly interested collaboration through human-computer interaction, data exploration, immersive analytics, and information visualization. In my free time, I listen to music, am interested in synthesizers, take photos, go on bike trips, travel, ride a longboard, swim, follow podcasts, and am enthusiastic about handhelds and video games.

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