Vladimir Alexiev



PhD in computing science from University of Alberta, MS in computer science from Technical University of Sofia, PMP certification. 25 years of IT experience, of which 18 years IT PM experience and 6 years semantic technologies. One of the founders of Sirma Group Holding, the largest Bulgarian IT group, and parent company of Ontotext. He is a Masters-level lecturer in IT PM at New Bulgarian University. Ontology engineering, metadata standards, vocabularies and thesauri, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, SHACL, SKOS, SPARQL, LOD, mapping, R2RML, ETL, semantic web applications, project management, business analysis and requirements specifications. In Ontotext he leads a wide range of projects: cultural heritage, archives, libraries, CIDOC CRM, Europeana, LOD management, thesauri, etc. Served on 5 Europeana task forces, Members Council and Data Quality Committee. Contributed to ontology definition of ISO 25964 standard for thesauri management.

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