Håkan Stattin



HÅKAN STATTIN Professor in Psychology Year of birth: 1951 Örebro and Uppsala Universities Graduate in the 1977 School of Law, Psychology, and Social Work Örebro university, 701 82 Örebro Ph.D.: 1983 Tel: + 46 19 303364 Senior Lecturer: 1983 Email: [email protected] Docent: 1988 Fax: +46 19 303484 Full Professor: 1995 Positions 1974-1975 Research assistant on the longitudinal research program, Individual Development and Adjustment (IDA), Department of Psychology, Stockholm University 1976-1980 Research assistant occupying the position linked to David Magnusson’s professorship at Stockholm University. 1980-1985 Program leader within IDA, responsible for maintaining the data base, and coordinating the different projects in IDA; chief responsibility for the research program on the development of antisocial behavior. 1985 Honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA 1986 Researcher in “Longitudinal Studies with a Behavioral Scientic Orientation” at Stockholm University. 1987 Project leader for the longitudinal research program "the Clinic for the Study of Children’s Development and Health" [the Solna project] at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm 1988 Associate professor in psychology. 1989 Occupant of the post of senior researcher in longitudinal research. 1991 Main responsibility, together with prof. David Magnusson and prof. Lars R. Bergman, for "the Stockholm Laboratory for Longitudinal Research" 1995 Professor of Psychology at Örebro University and at Uppsala University.

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