J. Matinlinna, J.P. Matinlinna, Jukka P. Matinlinna,



I was born and educated in Finland. My passion is dental research and dental education, quite simply. I was promoted to full Professor in dental materials science in 2015 but I started my academic career at the University of Turku, Institute of Dentistry, Biomaterials Science (Finland) in 2002, working then intensively with Professor Pekka Vallittu and Dr Lippo Lassila. My current qualifications are PhD, triple docentships, FADM, FRSC, and MIADR. After several short and long rewarding internship experiences in the Netherlands (U Groningen) and Norway (Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM), I assumed the position of Assoc. Professor in Dental Materials Science at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in October 2008. Since then I have hold the positions of Head of Unit, Member of HKU Senate, Undergraduate Program Director, Postgraduate Program Director, Deputy Director (Centralized Research Laboratory), Docent (Adjunct Professor, U Helsinki, Finland) in Biomaterials Science, Docent (Adjunct Professor, U Turku, Finland) in Dental Biomaterials, Docent (Adjunct Professor, U Turku, Finland) in Biomaterials Chemistry (at School of Chemistry), Associate Editor “Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry”, memberships in 10 scientific journal editorial boards, Visiting Professor (King Saud University, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia) and Visiting Professor (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Faculty of Dentistry, Yogyakarta, Indonesia). I have also acted as research grant proposal evaluator (for several scientific bodies in Poland, Belgium, UAE, Czech Republic, and Saudi-Arabia) and external examiner at dental schools (3 in Malaysia). We, my DMS Team at HKU, are an internationally and nationally cross-linked and networked team (Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Malta, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia, Iran) and we work hard and aim at excellence. Would you like to join us? Are you interested in our publications and my latest (by me edited) dental text book "Handbook of Oral Biomaterials" (publisher: Pan Stanford, Singapore, 2015; ISBN 978-981-4463-12-6, also available as an e-book)? And, have you already registered to our MOOC "Materials in Oral Health (at Coursera platform)? It is FREE!

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