Helmuth Moehwald



Curriculum Vitae Name and title Helmuth Möhwald, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Date of birth January 19, 1946, Goldenöls Affiliation Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Telephone +49 (331) 567 9200 Fax +49 (331) 567 9202 Email [email protected] Education 1956-1965 Elementary and secondary school in Germany 1965-1967 Military Service (Air Force) 1967-1971 Study of Physics (University Göttingen),Diploma in Physics 1971-1974 PhD, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen Positions 1974-1975 Postdoc, (IBM San Jose) 1978 Habilitation in Physics (University of Ulm) 1978-1981 Scientific Co-Worker (Dornier-System, Friedrichshafen) 1981-1987 Associate Professor (C3) in Experimental Physics, Biophysics. (TU München) 1987-1993 Chair (C4) in Physical Chemistry (University of Mainz) 1993-2014 Director and Scientific Member, (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Golm/ Potsdam) since 1995 Honorary Professor, (University of Potsdam) since 2013 Associate Editor ACS Nano since 2014 Emeritus director at the MPI of Colloids and Interfaces since 2014 Consultant with CEA at ICSM Marcoule, France Guest/ Honorary Professor 1983 University Pennsylvania 2000 Chaire de Paris 2001/2002 Max-Varon-Prof., Weizmann Institute, Rehovot 2001 Zheijang University, Hangzhou 2004 Fudan University, Shanghai 2006 Honorary Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Chemistry) 2011 Harbin Inst. Technol. 2011 Soochow University, Souzhou 2014 Honorary Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Inst. Process Engin.) 2015 Southeast Univ. Nanjing 2016 Honorary Professor Univ.of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu Awards and Scholarships 1979 Physics Award of the German Physical Society 1998 Raphael-Eduard-Liesegang Award of the German Colloid Society 2000 Vannegard Lecture, Gothenburg 2002 Lectureship Award of the Japanese Colloid Society 2002 Founder’s Lecture, London 2002 Eli Burstein Lecture, Philadelphia 2004 Corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 2007 Gay-Lussac-Humboldt Award, French Ministry of Sci. Technol. 2007 Highly cited chemist according to ISI 2007 Overbeek Medal of the European Colloid and Interface Society 2008 Honorary Doctorate of the University Montpellier, France 2009 Ostwald-Medal of the German Kolloid-Gesellschaft 2010 BP visiting lecturer, Univ. Cambridge 2012 Member of the Academy of Europe 2014 Langmuir Lecturer (ACS) 2014 Elyuhar- Goldschmidt award of the Royal Spanish Chemical Society 2016 Awarded Distinguished Scientist by the President of the Chinese Acad.Sci. 2018 IACIS Lifetime Achievement Award by the Internat.Assoc. of Coll.Interf.Sci. Publications : According to WoS (Core) ( August, 2017) h=111, > 52.500 citations

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