Ali Asli



After graduating from high school with honors, I moved to Haifa and finished my B.Sc. in biomedical laboratory science at the Technion. Afterwards, I worked in Protalix Biotherapeuotics, focusing on biological drug development. However, because of my long standing interest in research, I decided to return to academia, and started an MSc in Human Biology at the University of Haifa. Finished my MSc degree in Biochemistry & Computational Biology at Dr. Mickey Kosloff’s lab, with honor and awards Scholarship for excellence in MSc graduate studies. Then because my enthusiasm and interest in the research increased, I continued to a PhD in the same lab. In my research, I focus on deciphering interaction specificity in G-protein signaling, particularly the RGS-G proteins interactions, trying to understand how the “wiring together” of protein interaction networks drives cellular communication in health and disease

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