María del Carmen Ruiz Delgado



I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Málaga graduating in 2001 with Honors. In 2002, I joined the vibrational spectroscopy group in electroactive material systems of Prof. Dr. Juan Teodomiro López Navarrete. During my Ph.D. studies, I enjoyed a predoctoral FPU/MEC Fellowship, focusing my research in the physico-chemical characterization of conjugated organic materials by using a wide range of spectroscopic techniques. In 2006, I defended my Ph.D. thesis (mention: cum laudem). In January of 2007, I moved to the Institute of the Materials Science of Aragón as a postdoctoral Fellow under the supervision of Dr. Jesus Orduna Catalan. Since April 2007 until April 2010, I hold a position as a MEC/Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Fellow and research fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) in the group of Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Brédas (Descartes Prize 2003). Since Novermber 2010, I am a Ramón and Cajal researcher at the University of Málaga in Spain. My current research area deals with the study of the impact of the intra- and intermolecular interactions on the optical, electronic and charge transport properties of conjugated organic nanomaterials. I have published 60 articles in top ranked journals in the fields of Chemistry and Physical Chemistry: (JACS, ChemComm, Chem.Eur.J., Chemistry of Materiales, J.Phys.Chem., PCCP, ChemPhysChem, etc). My citation index (h) is 20 (web of knowledege).

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