Jinwen Chen

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Chemical engineering, petroleum refining, bitumen upgrdaing, hydroprocessing, process modeling and simulation

Jinwen Chen (2013-07-02)


Dr. Jinwen Chen received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering in 1990 from Tianjin University. He worked as an associate professor in Tianjin University and as a research associate in Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Calgary. He joined CanmetENERGY in 1999 and is now a senior research scientist and project leader. Dr. Chen’s expertise includes: • Bitumen and heavy oil upgrading • Petroleum distillate hydroprocessing and fluid catalytic cracking • Process modeling, simulation, and optimization • Vapor-liquid phase equilibrium in hydroprocessing reactors • Multiphase reactor design and modeling • Catalysis and kinetics • CFD simulation; computer programming; mathematical and numerical computation • Flow dynamics in multiphase chemical reactors Dr. Chen has published over 150 journal papers and conference proceeding papers, completed many industrial client reports, and made numerous presentations at international conferences.
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