Birthdate June 25, 1960 Birthplace Bari, Italy Family status married with two children Business address Gastroenterology Unit, Policlinico University Hospital, Piazza G. Cesare 11, Bari, Italy. College Liceo Scientifico "E. Fermi" Bari 1974-1979: Bachelor in general Science Medical School Univ. di Bari, 1979-1985; Doctor in Medicine cum laude on November 1985 License to practice Medicine: December 1985 Specialization Gastroenterology on July 1989, University of Bari Reaserch Associate Dept of Surgery, Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, from Jan 1986 through April 1990 Assistant Physician Dept of Surgery, Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, from Jan 1986 through April 1990 Phylosophy Doctor Gastroenterological Sciences, 13/10/1995 Emergency Dpt. Assistant from April/1/1993 to April/1/1995 Medical Doctor as Specialist in Gastroenterology in the Gastroenterology Unit, Univ. of Bari, from October 1995 to October 2006 Medical doctor and Research associate Gastroenterology Unit, Univ. of Bari from November 2006 to March 2013 Chief of the Gastroenterology Unit, University of Foggia, from April 2013 Medical doctor and Research associate, Gastroenterology Unit, Univ. of Bari from November 2014 to date The scientific interest over the years has concentrated on the study of factors that modulate the proliferative processes of normal liver (hormones, growth factors, immunofilline, bile salts, proteins modulating cell cycle, etc..) and colon through the use of various experimental models in vivo and in vitro, and in humans. Recently, the scientific activity is focused on the etiopathogenesis of liver tumors and colorectal cancer, and in particular on the influence of sex steroid hormones on the development of these tumors, even in an epidemiological profile. In addition, our studies on the policies of organ allocation for liver transplantation have led to the publication of several scientific work in this field of research.

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