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Shahrzad Bazargan

Bazargan-Hejazi (2014-07-22)

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United States

Bazargan-Hejazi (2016-01-24)

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Injury, Substacne Abude, Mental Health, Access to Care

Bazargan-Hejazi (2013-06-07)


Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, holder of a Ph.D. degree works as an Associate Professor of medical sociology in the Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) in Los Angeles, Calif, USA, with a joint appointment as an Adjunct Associate Professor III with the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior of David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, Calif, USA. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Division of Health Sciences, School of Health and Human Services at California State University, Dominguez Hills, Carson, Calif, USA. She is also the Chair of Medical Student Research Thesis at CDU College of Medicine and David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. Her research interest includes: Injury, mental health, substance abuse, access to care

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