Cinzia Gravili



Born in Lecce, Italy, March, 6, 1964. Degree cum laudae in Biology, 1988. PhD in Ecology. Habilitation to Associate Professor (Zoology). My research activity is focused on the ecology of invertebrates of marine hard substrates (with special emphasis on Hydrozoa, Cnidaria). Fouling, invasive species, the detection of the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on marine systems and monitoring their effects are among my major items of research. Monographs and publications about taxonomy, ecology, and geographical distribution of the taxon Hydrozoa were carried out. Currently, the research interest concerns the assessment of the biodiversity of species of Hydrozoa in the Mediterranean basin, taking into account, as well as non-indigenous species, including those reported in the past but which, for decades, are no longer found in the Mediterranean Sea. I am actively involved in research programs and consultancies for environmental impact assessment and monitoring. A crucial point of my activity is the study of hydrozoan taxonomy, life cycles and changes in Mediterranean benthonic and planktonic biodiversity, effects of disturbances such as anthropic activities and alien species. I am actively involved in national and international research programs about environmental impact assessment and monitoring. I participated in the organization of four international meetings about marine biology. I am an associate member of the CoNISMa (Italian Consortium of 32 Universities) that promotes scientific activities and research in the field of Marine Sciences. I'm in the editorial board of The Italian Journal of Zoology and actively involved as referee of several journals. Since 1993 I have tutored 27 Master students and 1 PhD at the University of Salento. Since 2001 I have been invited to give scientific seminars in various Italian Universities and research Institutions. First Poster Award Rupert Riedl Prize, 40th European EMBS Marine Biology Symposium - Vienna, August, 2015.

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