Matthew T. Cole

Also known as
carbon nanotubes, graphene, field emission, chemical vapour depisition


Matthew Cole is an Isaac Newton postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics in the Electronic Devices and Materials group (, Department of Engineering ( . Matthew gained an MEng from Brasenose College, Oxford in 2008 and PhD in 2011 from St John's College, Cambridge. He has spent time as a visiting scholar in the Solid-State, Bio, & Quantum Science and Technology (, Harvard University, a research associate at Sharp Laboratories of Europe (, Oxford and a consultant for AIXTRON Nanoinstruments. His current research focuses on the use of graphene and carbon nanotubes in electronic and optical systems. He is a Tutor, Research Fellow, the Director of Studies in Engineering and Deputy Admissions Tutor at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University.