Belen Marquez

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Archaeologist, Museum, Palaeolithic, use-wear analysis, Neanderthals

Belen Marquez (2014-03-27)

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ResearcherID: G-5744-2014

ResearcherID (2014-06-03)


I'm a spanish archaeologist. I was born in 1968. I'm working from 2003 to date in the Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid (Spain). Before that I've worked in the National Archaeological Museum (Madrid) and as self-employed archaeologist in rescue excavations. I've directed the excavation of some archaeological sites of different chronologies and belong to different research teams, being the most remarkable Atapuerca (1989 to the present) and Pinilla del Valle (2002 to the present). I'm therefore interested on Palaeolithic, being specialist in use-wear analysis of lithics and technological studies. I've published a number of articles in national and international reviewed and non reviewed journals.

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