João Ferreira Dias



João Ferreira Dias, is natural of Lisbon. PhD in African Studies by the ISCTE-IUL (2016) and MA in History and Culture of Religions by the FLUL (2011), with summa cum laude thesis. The PHD thesis focused nostalgia and political uses of memory among nagô Candomblé practitioners in Bahia and Uberaba. He is interested on religious memory, nostalgic feelings and cultural loss, nagô Candomblé orthopraxy, patterns of thought, ritual aesthetic and sacred music, Yorùbá ethnical and religious making. He is also interested on conceptual and methodological debates on the study of ‘African’ and ‘Afrodescendant’ religions, changing on Portuguese religious field, New Age attitudes, popular religiosity, cultural diplomacy and inter-religious dialogue.

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