Professor Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki



Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki is a Professor of philosophy of educational research Methodology at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. He developed the theory of Paraquantitative in social research methodology inspired by Vaclav Polak's operation logic system. His research interests are in philosophy of education, educational research methodology and neurophilosophy of education. He is the author of numerous papers in academic journals and seven authored/edited/translated books, including Logic of research in education and social science, and philosophy of education. He also presented several papers on scholarly national and international conferences. At this time He is editor of the journal, Foundation of Education, a Member of the Executive Board, Philosophy of Education Society of Iran (PESI), and a Member of scientific council, Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education. Find more about his works at:

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