Elena Parfenyuk

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hybrid silica nanomaterials, sol-gel synthesis, biomolecules, adsorption, drug delivery systems

Elena Parfenyuk (2013-04-29)

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ResearcherID: R-7819-2017

ResearcherID (2017-10-23)


Elena V. Parfenyuk, PhD Data of birth 24.02.1958. Country: Russian Federation City: Ivanovo Institution: G.A.Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISC RAS) Department: Laboratory of Chemistry of Hybrid Functional Materials and Supramolecular Systems Academic Rank: Associate professor Administrative Rank: Senior research worker of the G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of the RAS Research Experience:Alumna of State University (Ivanovo), Faculty of Chemistry and Biology (1980): 1980-1989 Junior research worker, the ISC RAS; 1981- PhD degree (Physical Chemistry) from the ISC RAS; 1989 -present – Senior research worker of the ISC RAS, header of research group; supervisor of postgraduate students; supervisor of numerous bachelor’s and master’s works.
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