Dr Deborah Gabriel



Deborah Gabriel has spent the last decade as an award-winning academic, achieving recognition both for her educational practice and research. She currently lectures across degrees in politics, advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Deborah specialises in social justice pedagogy and critical race pedagogy and her teaching is taught from a critical race/gender standpoint. In addition to a full-time academic role, she also undertakes consultancy work supporting institutions in enhancing race equality across academic, operational and educational practice. She is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics, an independent network established in 2013 to tackle racial inequality across the higher education sector. Deborah specialises in qualitative-interpretative research using critical, transformative and emancipatory paradigms, heavily informed by Black feminism and critical race theory. Her research falls into two distinct areas. The first strand is concerned with political discourse, communication and participation, and race and representation in media and popular culture. The second is concerned both with the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture in higher education and its impact on staff and students of colour, and with equality, diversity and justice in educational practice. The broad focus that links all areas in education is the key objective of decolonising, democratizing and diversifying the institutional culture in higher education. She employs a range of research methods including focus groups, interviews and case studies, critical ethnography, autoethnography, virtual ethnography and cyberethnography.

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