Else Marie Bartels

Biochemistry, Cartilage, Muscle, Pain , Physiology, Proteins, Rheumatology, Biophysics


PhD 1974 Biophysics DSc 1990 Research Librarian 2001 Research Interests: I. Muscle Physiology at cell level. 1) Electric charge phenomena. 2) Differences in diseased and healthy muscle cells. 3) Effects of muscle fatigue at cell level. 4) Ureamic muscle. II. Physiological processes in the back during stress and in normal degeneration. 1) Effects on intervertebral discs. 2) The effects of work loads on the back. III Rheumatic diseases. 1) Effects of training. 2) Biochemistry, physiology and morphology of the musculo-skeletal system. 3) Effects of obesity in rheumatic diseases 4) Cytokines and immune responses in autoimmune diseases IV Pain 1) Physiological processes behind pain 2) Ancient and modern pain treatment