Zach Greene



Hi my name is Zache Greene I went to USC for 4 years and earned my bachelors degree in general studies and computer science in 2005. I own a company called Website Design Los Angeles and I am located at 1348 N Fomosa, Los Angeles CA 90046. I grew up building custom myspace websites for my friends in school and haven't stop designing since. I love to help people learn the basics of code and am happy to answer any questions you may have. I love to build ecommerce sites that are responsive. That means that it works great on all devices such as the iphones, ipads or tablets, and desktop. I also test my work on all web browsers which is a step most web design companies overlook. I like to spend my free time learning about search engine optimization and continue to take classes on the subject. If you have any questions call me directly at (323) 645-0311.

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