Jacques Balthazart

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My research concerns the neuroendocrine and neurobiological bases of complex behaviours, using steroid-dependent male sexual behaviors as a model system. It is bridging various disciplines ranging from animal behavior to neuroendocrinology and molecular biology. In the course of these studies, I pioneered the use of radioimmunoassay methods to measure gonadotropins and steroid hormones in the plasma of animals and developed the first radioimmunoassay for avian follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). More recently, I demonstrated that estrogen concentrations are rapidly modulated in the brain via phosphorylations of the estrogen-synthase (aromatase) and showed that these rapid variations in local estrogen concentrations participate to the control of male sexual behavior, thus indicating that estradiol acts in the brain more like a neurotransmitter/neuromodulator than like a hormone. I am also regularly presenting conferences for the general public on topics related to my research (Sexual differentiation, Animal Behavior, Behavioral Endocrinology) at the invitation of various educational organizations. I recently published a book on the biological bases of homosexuality in French (Biologie de l'Homosexualité, Mardaga Press 2010, 299 pp) and in English (The biology of homosexuality. Oxford University Press, New York NY USA, 2011,pp. 208.) explaining to the general public the concepts derived from animal research on sexual differentiation and its impact on human behavior.. I presented many conferences and participated to a number of radio and TV shows on this theme. Spécialisations :Animal Behavior, Sexual differentiation of brain and behavior, Behavioral neuroendocrinology, Steroid metabolism, Sexual orientation
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