Manuel S Morales

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Tempt Destiny experiment, Assumed Higgs, first cause, second cause, hidden variables

Manuel S Morales (2013-12-04)

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Tempt Destiny

Manuel S Morales (2014-02-11)

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ResearcherID: B-9812-2014

ResearcherID (2014-02-11)


I am not a scientific researcher by profession. I am a scientific researcher by necessity. Allow me to explain. I had a unique opportunity to create artwork reproduced as billboards to support the NY Giants Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV quests. Each time I did this they went on to win the Super Bowl. I needed to know if what had taken place was just a coincidence or was it predetermined, i.e., destiny. A decade later, this legacy served as the basis and construct for the Tempt Destiny experiment which was conducted from 2000–2012 at At the web site football fans voted for their team, directly and indirectly, to be on a billboard supporting their team’s Super Bowl quest. Note, the data obtained from this experiment is absolute, not statistical, and so the findings are not subject to opinions, including my own. The unambiguous findings confirmed that reality is indeed super-deterministic as physicist John S Bell proposed would be necessary to refute his 'no-go theorem'. More importantly, the empirical evidence has confirmed that there are indeed "hidden variables" as Albert Einstein had suggested nearly a century ago. However, the origin variables of direct and indirect selection are non-local and so Einstein was incorrect as to where to find them, i.e., locally. This means that General Relativity is also an incomplete theory since the selection mechanisms that each and everyone of us use each day of our lives can only "come-to-exist" as an act, they cannot preexist or exist locally in spacetime. PARADIGM SHIFT What this all means is that the methods used to conduct scientific experiments and to validate theories are flawed due to a fundamental omission error. As pointed out in my research, the logic of placing cause second to effect (effects causing effects) as practiced in science is in violation of temporal precedence, i.e., how (cause) precedes what (effects) follows. Since cause consists of two mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive functions, everything that we think we know based on the logic/belief that the cause of existence is singular will need to be reevaluated to account for this fundamental oversight. This correction of our perception of reality is necessary if we wish to advance from having knowledge of effects to having complete knowledge of both cause an its effects. - See more at:

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