Marcetta Y. Darensbourg

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United States

Marcetta Y. Darensbourg (2016-01-24)

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MYD Research Group

Marcetta Y. Darensbourg (2014-11-21)

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Professor Marcetta Y. Darensbourg is a native of Kentucky, USA, with a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. Following academic posts at Vassar College and Tulane University, she joined the faculty at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, in 1982. She holds the title of Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Trained as an organometallic chemist and with earlier research programs in low valent transition metal hydrides, the possibility of metal hydrides in nature, specifically as intermediates in hydrogenase metalloenzymes lured her into the new field of bioorganometallic chemistry. She has been a leader in the development of synthetic analogues of the diiron hydrogenase active site and the insight they bring to the catalytic mechanism of these natural fuel cell catalysts.
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