Jacquelin Teresa Camperos Reyes



Newcomer to the doctorate program in Information Science at the UNESP/Marília-SP, master’s degree in Information Science from the UNESP/Marília-SP, specialized in Top Management from the Universidad Libre, Cúcuta-Colombia, graduated in Systems Engineering from the UFPS, Cúcuta-Colombia. Scholar of the OEA-Grupo Coimbra de Universidades de Brasil program. Teaching experience in database modeling at Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (Colombia), Analysis and Development of Information Systems at the SENA (Colombia). Experienced in formulation of applied research projects in the SENA (Colombia). Evaluator of the REDCOLSI Red Colombiana de Semilleros de Investigación. Certified in Labor Competence for Integrating TICs into Teaching Processes by the SENA. Experienced in implantation processes and management of information systems focused on billing and statistics for health institutions, and information management of the Social Security System. Member of the CODAF Digital Skills for Familiar Agriculture Project of UNESP of Tupã-SP. Researcher of the New Technologies in Information Research Group GPNTI of UNESP of Marília-SP, in the line Information and Technology, Open Data and Data Representation in the governmental domain, access to informational assets of rural development.

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